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We diversify our lending opportunities across multiple loan programs, over a range of borrowers and markets.

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Below is an overview of the guidelines and terms of our financing options. Once accepted, we move quickly to get your loan closed and funded. It’s that easy!

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Why Dynamo Capital?

Whether you’re a new or experienced investor, Dynamo Capital has the speed and the terms to get you to the finish line.

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Our concise document checklist streamlines the loan processing, ensuring efficiency for both parties involved

Required for Business Entities

Common Questions

Generally, no. Here at Dynamo Capital, we believe you should not pay interest on funds you are not utilizing. You only pay interest on the funds you draw.

Draws are released within 4-7 business days of the draw request.

Generally, no. We typically only do first mortgages. However, we will review any opportunity.

We lend in multiple states. Contact us to verify the eligibility of your location.

We can close in as little as 1 day, but our typical closing time is 5-7 business days from receipt of all required documents.

Generally, no. As soon as your rehab is completed and you’re ready to refinance or sell, Dynamo Capital will accept payoff without a prepayment penalty.

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