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With the majority of fix and flip projects relying on loans, Dynamo Capital’s services are in high demand. We use our strengths in technology, strategy, and experience to give our investors every advantage in this lucrative field.

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Accelerating to Meet Demand

The more efficiently we work, the more advantages we give our investors. We rise to meet demand and improve returns in diverse, innovative  ways.

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$ 10000

Why Invest With Dynamo?

When you invest with Dynamo Capital, you gain a dynamic partner with superior experience, tools, and agility. Let us bolster your investment strategy and bring the Dynamo advantage to your portfolio.

Our management maintains a commitment to clarity about our strategies and our performance.

We have modeled our loan turnaround conservatively, with anticipation of faster lending and greater revenue.

We are innovative, creative, and dialed in to emerging challenges and opportunities in our market.

Our fund’s culture and leading-edge use of technology and leverage keeps us ahead of the curve.


Improving existing properties to build equity via strategies ranging from minor and major renovations to ground-up construction.

Permanent Financing

A streamlined strategy for our value-add and bridge clients, providing an end-to-end solution while ensuring our involvement in the return of capital.


We reserve funds for loans outside our established programs.

More Than a Financial Institution, Your Partners in Real Estate Investing

More Than a Financial Institution, Your Partners in Real Estate Investing
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